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De-oxygen fresh-keeping agent series

¡¡¡¡De-oxygen fresh-keeping agent series are the novel external (non additive type) fresh-keeping agent and its main ingredient is activated iron powder. It keeps product fresh through absorbing and isolating oxygen and is environmental friendly and free of contamination and thus widely used.

Working principle:
¡¡¡¡When this agent is sealed in a container together with the product to be kept fresh, after 1 or 2 days, the oxygen concentration in the said container will drop below 0.1%. Then the de-oxygen fresh-keeping agent ceaselessly absorbs the penetrated oxygen, keeps the product under no-oxygen state, destroys the survival conditions for microorganism (bacteria and mold), protects the fat and protein from decomposition and oxidation and thus ensures product quality.

¡¡¡¡It is widely used for keeping fresh of moon cake, cake, ground nut, mushroom, dried meat and fish products, tea, Chinese medicine and herbs, powdered milk, and confetti as well as for corrosion- and mildew proof of metallic products, films, handicrafts and architecture.

Characteristics of product:
1, Physical fresh-keeping, safe, non-toxic, and free of odor and side reactions£»
2, High oxygen-absorbing capacity, complete oxygen removal, and superior to vacuum package (nitrogen-filling).
3, Slight impact by humidity and temperature.
4, According to the characteristics of the products to be kept fresh, this series of fresh-keeping agents are divided into common type, fast type, drying type and conditioning type for option.
This series of fresh-keeping agents include model 30, model 50, model 100 and model 200.


Rated oxygen absorbing capacity
Rated air volume
Package size
Packed quantity
Model 30
Model 50
Model 100
Model 200

Selection of types:
1. The fresh-keeping agents shall be selected according to the requirements of the products to be kept fresh, for example, for moisture-sensitive products drying type agent shall be used, and for high moisture and high-fat products fast type agent used.
2. The model of fresh-keeping agents shall be selected according to the oxygen volume of the packing container.
¡¡¡¡Oxygen volume of the packing container (ml)=£Ûcontainer length ¡Á width ¡Á height (cm)£­weight of contents/specific gravity£Ý¡Á20%

Notes for application:
1. Before ordering, please indicate the type, variety and moisture content of the products to be kept fresh.
2. Once unpacked, the de-oxygen fresh-keeping agent shall be used up in 2 hours as far as possible, and remaining one, if any, shall be immediately sealed and stored.
3. The better the barrier capacity of the packing material, the more ideal the fresh-keeping effect. Generally, the oxygen penetration rate of the packing material shall be below 50ml/m2.24h£¬25 ¡æ, such as KOP/PE, KPET/PE, and ONY/PE.
4. The seal shall be flat and free of adhered dust or oily water and have a width at least 5mm.
5. During transportation and storage it shall be protected from punching by pointed objects.

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