Outline of products Desiccant Series De-oxygen fresh-keeping agent series

Desiccant Series

  On basis of applications Luyuan series desiccants may be divided into industrial product-purpose desiccants, medicine (health product)-purpose desiccants, Foodstuff-purpose desiccants, and on the basis of compositions, they can be divided into lime desiccants, silica gel desiccants, mineral desiccants and charcoal desiccantsreferring to product exhibition window.
I. Lime desiccants
  Its main composition is choice CaO and it is white (or gray-white) granular. It absorbs moisture through chemical reaction and thus the absorption is irreversible. The absorbed moisture will not return to the product to be dried because of evaporation. No matter what RH of external environment, it still keeps moisture-absorbing capacity 30% higher than its dead weight. It is widely used in moisture-proof for cake, sea moss products, dried fruits, confetti and tea.
  Generally the patterned paper or composite paper is used as the external packing paper.
II. Silica gel desiccant
  Its main ingredient is silica gel (chemical formula SiO2,nH2O) and is a tasteless, odorless and non-toxic transparent or semi-transparent solid granular. It gently absorbs moisture through physical absorption without dramatic change, is safe and reliable, and widely used for moisture proof for garments, shoes, caps, cases, bags, leather, medicine, instrument and meters.
  Generally the cotton paper, non-woven paper, composite paper or Tyvek are used as the external packing paper.
 The relationship between the moisture absorbing rate and external conditions of silica gel desiccants is shown in the table below:

External RH
Moisture absorbing rate

III. Mineral desiccants
  It is also called as active desiccants and is an earth-like mineral and its main ingredient is montonite mineral. It has high absorbing capacity to eliminate bad odors, and is tasteless, odorless, free of contact corrosion and environmental contamination, 100% degradable, and harmless to human body. It has a specific gravity 2.4-2.8 and MP 1330-1430≧ and is renewable. It is widely used in optical instrument, medical health products, foodstuff and military products, especially in moisture proof for marine shipping products and in drying of pet living environment.
IV. Charcoal desiccants
  It is made of natural charcoal (active carbon and bamboo charcoal) and then packed. It fast and safely absorbs moisture, extremely removes bad odor, has a function of weak electrostatic reaction, generates no environmental contamination, improves for soil flowers and pot flowers, and is harmless to human body. It is the new generation of environmental protection desiccants and widely used in fillers for bed cushion and toy and used for removing odors of refrigerators and refrigerated cabinets and in moisture-proof and mothproof of down garments.
V. Notes
  1. Any desiccant is no edible. If case of mistake, please gargle with clean water and see doctor.
  2. During storage and transportation it shall be ventilated and kept dry and its package shall be protected from damage.
  3. Please select proper type of desiccants according to characteristics of the to-be-dried products.
  4. In addition to normal specifications, desiccants of special specifications may be in advance ordered.
5. For Luyuan series, versions in Chinese, English and Japanese are at clients¨ option.

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